Gaofei Shen

[kɑʊ˥ feɪ˥ ʂɛn˨˩˧]

PhD researcher @ Tilburg University

Pronouns: he/they

Email: g.shen[at]


I am a linguist working on artificial intelligence applications of spoken language technologies such as speech recognition and speech synthesis. I completed my bachelor's in linguistics at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, where I did a thesis on Mandarin-English code-switching grammar preferences. For my master's studies, I moved to Leeuwarden, a Frisian town in the north of the Netherlands. There, I focused on voice technology. I worked on a multilingual speech recognition system in Frisian and Dutch. In October 2022, I started working on the InDeep Project with Prof. Grzegorz Chrupała at Tilburg University.